Advertise with Instagram influencers

Written by Michael Lakostik

Instagram advertising can create a massive ROI which means Return On Investment for your business. Today we will share some tips to maximize your spending by advertising directly with influencers.

You may have noticed some of the large Instagram accounts you follow create posts advertising a product and/or service. They either tag another account or include a direct link of these services and/or products in their Instagram bio. This method of advertising is quite new in the social media realm and has many benefits such as paying the influencers directly cutting out the costs of any advertising platform.

Follow the steps below to find, connect and, advertise with an Instagram influencer.

Instagram Influencer
  • Find a popular Instagram page that relates to your business: Remember the people that follow that account are interested in the content that person posts so make sure your product or service would be of interest to those people. 
  • Get in contact: Once you find an influencer that relates to your business. Reach out to its team or directly to the influencer to find out their promotional rates. Many large pages often do promotional posts so you should receive a bunch of packages they provide along with their audience statistics.
  • Select ad type: The 2 main advertising methods on Instagram are Story ads and Post ads with a few variations. A story ad is your ad posted along with the pages stories and would include a link to your website that users would swipe up to visit. A post ad, on the other hand, would be your ad posted on their Instagram page and some pages may charge extra to include a link to your website as they would have to place it in their bio.
  • Duration: As mentioned above there are 2 types of advertisements, but each has different durations. A story ad is limited to 24 hours as Instagram only allows the Story of a page to be visible for 24 hours, so most pages charge less for this form of ad. The duration of Post ads are set by the influencer, some pages leave the post up forever while others delete them within 12 or 24 hours depending on your budget. When negotiating with influencers make sure to take into account these durations and look into what times you need your intended audience to see your ads. A good ad could be ruined by posting it at the wrong time or being taken down too quickly.
  • Work within your budget: While advertising on pages that have millions of followers is great to get your business out there, sometimes it comes to a very large cost. Which is especially not recommended for small businesses and/or startups. Don’t be afraid to contact smaller pages with under 100k followers as they can offer some very affordable rates and would still allow you to advertise across multiple accounts.
  • Create your ad: After negotiating a price for your ad, you have to create an advertisement to represent your brand. You have the option of choosing between an image or a video depending on what you would like to advertise. If you choose a video make sure that your ad doesn’t require audio as some users may not have their volume turned up on their smartphone and miss the message behind the ad. While creating your ad, you have to keep your format in mind. If you selected a Story ad you will have to make a portrait ad (1920px in height and 1080px in width). If you select a Post ad you will have to make a square ad (1080px in height and width). Create something eye-catching and that gets the message across to the viewer.
  • Submit your ad: Once you have finished creating an ad you can now message it to the influencer and tell them when you would like them to post it. After that, you just have to sit and watch your advertisement run and see your business grow.

Always remember to do your own research to ensure this method of advertising is right for you and your business. It is important to make sure the Instagram influencer you choose relates to your business.