Get your website to the top of Google search

Have you created an amazing website for your business but people aren’t visiting your site your low ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search? The following list will go over how you can improve your ranking and get more website visits.

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  • Google Search Console – Google search console is a free web tool provided by Google to help improve your website ranking. Search Console provides you with free metrics and searches information relating to your website to help select new keywords. You can also submit the sitemap of your website which allows google to crawl your site more efficiently and increases your ranking.
  • Bing webmaster tools- Like Google search console, Bing webmaster tools provides you with a dashboard and gives you various tools to improve your website. The main benefit of Bing webmaster is that it also works on yahoo search as well, so your site will have increased searchability on yahoo and bing.  You may think that the Bing search won’t give you much traffic however Bing accounts for 33% of internet searches in the US which can really boost the number of visitors on your website. You can use the Bing webmaster to submit a sitemap, view search interest and find new keywords to use on your site.
  • Google Analytics – Google analytics won’t directly improve your search ranking however it is a great tool to view and improve your website. Google Analytics allows you to view and monitor your website site traffic and see what your visitors are doing. You can generate detailed reports and view realtime statics, this very useful can help you improve your user experience which can then increase your visitors.
  • Google Ad Words – This method isn’t free but you can gain a significant boost in your search ranking by using google ads. Depending on your business type, topic, and audience; it may get expensive. However, creating great ads with strong keywords can really maximize your spending.
  • Microsoft Search Ads – Similar to google ads, Microsoft search ads allow running website ads on bing search which could, in turn, increase your site ranking. It is a fair alternative to google ad words.

These tools used together can really improve your website traffic and its search engine ranking.