How to promote your business on Instagram

There are around 600 million people who are Instagram users. It is the second most popular social media website after Facebook. Instagram like Facebook offers you a platform where you can communicate and deal with your customers regarding your business and/or brand. Instagram provides you a business platform where you can grow your target market audience to keep growing your business and/or brand. By simply just posting and sharing your products. But this simple posting and sharing is not enough because of the huge amount of users, which is why is needed something more to be able to stand out of others.

Mentioned below are some tips on how to promote your business on Instagram:

  • Become an Active user: In order to grow your business on Instagram, it is needed to be available on Instagram in order to communicate with their customers. To stay involved in trends and be constant with your content.
  • Follow other brands, people and influencers. Engage yourself in the comment section of your posts and other people’s posts. Publish catchy content and mention some important customers and/or influencers. 
  • Make a testimonial regarding your business or brand: Testimonials are the most powerful and important element of any marketing funnel. A small testimonial will enable your customers to have better insights regarding your brand or business products and/or services.
  • Use more Hashtags: Hashtags help you in organizing your image or content so that it can be found easily. It is an easier way for the audience to find content that is related to what they need/want. If you want the audience to find your content, you must use hashtags. Don’t overdo hashtags. Five targeted hashtags are better than 25 random ones. Avoid using old and extra used hashtags. Lastly, don’t spam or cheat on your hashtags. Remember to keep them relevant to your image or content. The secret is to use and create your own brand/business-specific hashtags.
  • Enable your customers to buy what they see in your image or content: If you wish to make money from Instagram, you need to enable your customers to buy what they see in your posts. You can add a link on your post which will redirect the customers to your website. It is easier for the customers to just click through it than having to find the website by themselves. People want easy accesible content. By making their life easier, ir helps to advertise and grow your business. 
  • Use Instagram advertising: Another way to promote your business on Instagram is through Instagram advertising. If you have limited time and want your business to flourish, then all you need is to set up your Instagram ad, which will show your posts and content to more prospective followers and customers. Reaching to a broader audience. 
  • Interact with influencers: Influencers in the industry are taken seriously by the buyers, because they trust their opinion. In order to promote or enhance your business and/or brand on Instagram, their endorsement is all you need to make your business visible. To do this, first, you need to find the right influencer. A good influencer should have a suitable amount of followers along with being active and prominent in your business-related field. The influencer must have a history of influencing their followers so that they can be proved helpful in promoting your business as well.

Last but not least, engage yourself with the audience and only post genuine and true content related to your business.